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I wrote this booklet for 2107. Once "Big Superstar" saw the light of day, I wanted the nWo in my fed for a year. The booklet is self-explanitory.

======== BLAST FROM THE PAST AGAIN ========

-------------- DATELINE: January 2107 ------------
In a major move, Magnus Colby has contracted three of the past's biggest names. The group is to be known as B.I.G., which stands for , in Colby's own words, "'Bringing In Greatness', because that's what I am doing." The group consists of Big Superstar, Big Diamond, and Big Daddy Kash.

Commissioner Grogan has allowed these wrestlers from the past to wrestle for the CPC for ONE YEAR ONLY. The Commissioner has stated that he had tried to stop the signing of the three wretlers, but someone higher up the ladder overruled him. whether this is true or not remains to be seen. At any rate, there will be new faces in the CPC in 2107.


From Venice Beach California, Earth, this hulk of a wrestler seems not to know any wrestling holds whatsoever, yet he continued to get the job done in the ring. His finisher, the Superstar Drop, is a simple leg drop and is very effective even though it looks rather harmless. At 302 pounds and 6 foot 8 inches (Old Earth measurement), his size still does not come close to matching the size of his enormous ego. Wrestling historians are still baffled how this brawler ever held a major heavyweight title, not once, but several times. His prime years were the mid-1980's to early 1990's and his real name is Terry Bollea.


A razor-sharp wrestler, at 6 foot 8 inches he is one tough wrestler to defeat. Formerly known as "The Outsiders" with Big Daddy Kash, Big Diamond enjoys a fake Cuban accent and likes being a "bad guy". His Big Diamond Edge was once known as the Razor's Edge. His real name is Scott Hall. His prime years were the early to late 1990's.


Here is a wrestler that hits you like a deisel truck. This 7 foot tall grappler has many power moves to use. Kash can literally destroy smaller opponents with his awesome CPC Power Bomb. This move was formerly known as the Jacknife. His real name is Kevin Nash and his prime years were the mid-1990's.


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